Poor Princess

FACTS:  Lovely warm day.  Milked out two gallons for Huckleberry, a little shy of two gallons for me.  Huckleberry broke gate between stall and hall.


Poor Princess is so conflicted these days.  She hatched out two lovely, black chicks a few weeks ago and is now reassessing her life.  On Monday she began to wander off for a couple of minutes, then she’d hurry back and tend to her babies.  Now she is leaving them all day and trying to re-establish her role in the flock.  The other hens are not letting her eat with them- the term hen-pecked is well founded.  These ladies can be terribly un-lady-like.  The last two nights Princess has  roosted in the barn rafters near the other hens but when when I come in to the barn at 8:30 or  9:00 p.m. to do my evening milking she jumps down and flutters around me squawking loudly.  I’ve interpreted this to mean that she wants to go to her babies so have put her in their pen.  She fusses over them, drinks deeply, eats furiously, stretches out under the heating lamp, and seems very content, but I am not sure I should be putting her in with them if she really wants to rejoin the general flock. She could get in with her chicks if she wanted to, but she is clearly not settled in the barn without them.  I’d prefer her stay with the chicks for the night so they are warmer but I’d also like to see her happy with her old friends. I wish she could talk, not just squawk!  They say actions speak louder than words, but when the last word is a squawk…..

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