Princess and her Chicks

Facts:  22 deg. this morning.  Collected 6 eggs.  Milked regular amount of milk for me and for Huckleberry.  If I didn’t think he was a little thin I’d wean him.  Sent emails and calls out to facilitate getting Annabelle bred back.

Princess and Sweetie Hen in the Sun

Princess and her girlfriends looked so happy sitting in the sun this morning that I thought it might be a good morning to put the chicks out to roam with their momma.

That worked really, really well for about ten minutes.

Princess and her Chicks

Then Princess left them and ignored their sad little cries for her.  I scooped up all three and put them into the chicken coop.  Within minutes, one of the chicks found an escape route and ran out into the pasture.  I patched the hole, captured the chick and went to find watering dishes that wouldn’t allow a chick to drown themselves.

Meanwhile the Escapee Artist found another hole, this time on the farside of the pigpen.  Gates were frozen shut so I clambered over two fences to rescue him again.  I locked him up and went to retrieve Chick Number Two.  He made a dash for it so I scrambled out the coop door behind him and chased him straight out the same hole the Escapee Artist had gone through – grrrr…  Another trip over the fences and all is well.

The Coop Door I Crawled Through Today

I guess.

Winter babies are tricky.

I spent a solid hour chasing chicks today.  Truly humbling.

The Escapee Artist Caught

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