Stop, Look, and Listen

Annabelle, Huckleberry, Dizzy

Facts:  That perfect 22 deg. again plus fluffy snow!!!  A little less than normal amount of milk.  Clue number one.

Quick Princess Update – she joined me for morning milking and we had a lovely chat.  She just feels too small to raise chicks that are almost her size, they just don’t fit under her wings so well.  She went on to explain that she escaped the coop because Lancelot just won’t leave her alone and he has enough full-size hens in there with him.  Not to mention that she nicely sat on Peck’s and one of the Ploska Twins eggs for 28 days, tended the chicks for 20 days and she’d like to be released from my expectations.  She sounded sincere, and apologetic, and completely earnest.

So I agreed.  She is released from her duties with high merit.


Stop, Look, and Listen!  How many times have I heard and said that I can’t tell – enough so the words don’t mean much.

The newly added poem will tell you I “ain’t” so good at following those simple rules.  I am forever getting myself into trouble.

Farming is slowly but surely teaching me to slow down and think.

This morning I didn’t get the right amount of milk.

The water barrel was full of clean water.

Not a drop missing since last night.  Clue Number Two.

I emptied the water and scrubbed the barrel.  Refilled the barrel.  Put de-icer gizmo into barrel.

Two years ago I would have called it a good job and walked away.

Today I waited for Annabelle to come and take her post-milking drink.

She looked long and hard at the water and sllllowwwllly tipped one side of her muzzle in.  Clue Number Three.

She usually slllowllly sticks her tongue in – takes a tentative lick then sucks up five or so gallons.

She jerked her muzzle straight back out of the water. Clue Number Four.

She tried again.  This time tipping her head to a ridiculous angle, trying to make as little contact with the water as possible.

Three years ago I would have said to self – “hmm..wonder if there is a current in there? let me test it!”


Today I unplugged the de-icer gizmo and pulled it out.

Annabelle didn’t hesitate to test the water again. Success. She proceeded to suck up a several gallons.

I am not saying I won’t soon get myself into some sort problem but today I actually stopped, looked, and listened. Now the three big guys, Annabelle, Huckleberry, and Dizzy will all have a better day and I didn’t get zapped!

4 thoughts on “Stop, Look, and Listen

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Nice blog. I love the daily reports, deep thoughts and insightful details. You may want to publicize this to the local schools.
    Justin Gordon

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