Random Thought

Huckleberry Kneeling and Drinking His Milk, before his morning brushing.

Is a blog a form of prayer?

Human expression to the Known, Yet Unknown.

A Just Brushed Huckleberry

6 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. Thank you so much for dropping over. In may i start milking daisy (all going well) and i have never milked anything before so i am will be very grateful for all the advice i can get. If you see me doing anything wrong just shout! I am more than happy for the dialogue! your cows are lovely..Daisy is an ayrshire and HUGE!! c

    1. http://real-food.com/

      Your blog is lovely! Thank you for checking out mine. Not much makes me happier than farm dialogue! The link above contains a discussion forum and diary that an old friend of mine started fifteen years ago. The practical advise there is invaluable.

      I trade and sell cows with a small dairy that has Ayrshires – my kids prefer the Ayrshire milk to my Jersey’s creamy yellow milk! Tsk-tsk!

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