Loving CookieDough

Facts:  Everything is back to normal in barn.  Milked out regular amount of milk.  Huckleberry and Annabelle were laying right next to each other.  Really cute.

Picked up $114.45 worth of groceries today.  Mostly fruit and veggies and grains. No meat, dairy, eggs.  Well, I actually bought two pounds of butter.  Am not getting enough cream to make much butter.

 I’ve been adding alfalfa to Annabelle’s diet to increase cream production but she doesn’t seem to like it too much.

 I had to go through chores fairly quickly this morning as I had an appointment.

 On mornings like this I really appreciate CookieDough.

 We’ve had CookieDough for seven years.  He is a white and gray mini lop.

 He loves love more than he likes food or water.

 Every time his door is opened he pushes his fluffy square head out, just slightly tipped forward to set his ears up for a good scratching.

 He will not move until the caretaker (usually my daughter, this morning me), has given him lots of love.

 He leans over the top of his feed dish making his priorities in life very clear.

 On mornings like today, rush and run kind of days, it’s easy to forget how important ear scratching is.

 CookieDough, in his quiet rabbit language, reminds me.



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