Busy Weekend

Annabelle inspired Yogurt, Grape Jam from lovely green wine grapes, and Milk and Egg Bread,

Today was a gorgeous spring-like day.  Milked out regular amount of milk.  Spent an inordinate amount of time watching Princess’ chicks figure out how to roost like the big ‘uns do!  After much squawking and gawking at the high heights they managed to get up on Dizzy’s pen.  She now has chickens roosting on three sides. She must not mind or she’d chase them off.

Every night three chickens, Carrie, Moon, and one of the Ploska Twins roost on her gate – don’t they fuss when I open and shut it!  They don’t jump off though – just lots of complaining.

The very good news is that Dove is now roosting with the other hens.  She likes to be near the ladies on the gate but not on the gate.  Her comb color is bright red, no longer pale.  She is finally eating with the other hens, though she did come to morning milking and look for a cupful of warm milk.

The bad news is that Annabelle’s Big Day wasn’t the real thing.  Her heat cycle must have been false.  Come Friday night she seemed to be in heat again – slightly different set of signs this time – mucus, swelling, loose tailhead – things you might never have known about or wanted to know about but now know!  The subtle signs.

The AI tech came again and we decided to try breeding her again.  I also gave her a shot of cystorelin to help things along.  The false heats can be a sign of cysts.  She was cystic last year.

I hate giving shots.  But I am getting good at it.

In the fall I had to give my big pig, Oatmeal, some shots – the first one was easy because he was so sick he didn’t even flinch.  The next one wasn’t too bad.  The subsequent ones – not a pretty sight!

Pigs can move FAST!  Being in a small space with a fast pig and a sharp tool isn’t something one puts on their resume but its certainly a skill that not everyone has.

Compared to Oatmeal, Annabelle is a breeze.  Just give her grain and she forgets everything else.  A needle in the leg probably compares to a greenhead bite.

Cow skin is not exactly thin, the needle has to be a fair size and the amount of ‘oomph’ to get the needle through….putting that much ‘oomph’ into my poor cow really bothers me.  And then pushing the plunger down…shivery!

Now it’s wait and see.   One of the real trials of being a farmer!  Patience.

My Kitchen Clock, with it's little reminder. One that I constantly need.

One thought on “Busy Weekend

  1. Love it! And I would totally put “ability to told sharp object in a pen with a pig” on my resume. As for the injections, it will get a lot easier for you (and your cow!) with practice. Especially if the injections are just under the skin rather than in the muscle!

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