Cow See, Cow Do

Before I left for my mini-vacation Annabelle and Huckleberry put on a show for me.

As I was filling the water barrel,  Huckleberry began to lick the water from the mouth of the hose.  His long pink tongue splashed and sucked, splashed and sucked.  Annabelle has seen the hose fill the water barrel for two and a half years – this was the first time she saw the opportunity for fun!

She stuck her long black tongue into the stream of water, spraying it all over me and Huckleberry.  If she could have laughed she would have!  She didn’t even attempt to slurp up any water  – she just splashed  – Huckleberry and I were soaked.

Of course I didn’t have my camera – though I am not sure how waterproof it is anyway – it was priceless.  Cow tongues are ridiculously long and surprisingly thin.  Their complete joy at this new game was contagious –  I laughed so hard. I hate leaving my animals but that was the best sendoff ever – how could anything go wrong with such fun-loving critters in the barn?!

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