Another Big Day

Another Big Day has come and gone.  On Saturday the 18th we tried breeding Annabelle again.  If it takes the calf would come at the end of November.  If it doesn’t take we will wait a few months before we try again.  I don’t want a winter baby.

This time her hear cycle was much stronger, for the first time ever the AI tech felt that the cervix wasn’t gravely and troublesome to get through.  Keep your fingers crossed!

If the AI process works the first time it is a cheap way to get a new bovine – if it takes repeated tries it starts to get expensive.  $10 for the semen. $20 for the service.

Of courses it is still much cheaper and safer than keeping a bull on the property.

I am feeling particularly optimistic.  The 18 th of June is when my first cow, Shasta, came to me.  She had the  first Penny Tree Farm calf, Annabelle, on June 18th.  Shasta had her third Penny Tree Farm calf, Clover, on August 18th.  And one of my children was born on the 18th of February.  The 18th seems to be a good omen – yes?

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