I hate my backyard!

Blue Chair, Black and Yellow Hose, and Brown

I do, I really, really do hate it.

The mud is inches deep, everything is brown, the things that aren’t brown are ugly.

The bright, yellow wheelbarrow, the scarecrow’s torn and faded blue and yellow shirt.

The blue metal chairs with rusty pits.

The horse trailer with its faded black front.

The green moss stuff growing up the side of the barn.

The short bright orange water pipe that seems to be a marvelous weapon in the hands of my son.

The yellow stripe rippling down the black hose, running down the yard all the way to the barn.

The deep gashes of muddy tire tracks going from the manure trailer to the gate.

It’s all ugly, ugly, ugly, UGLY!

I wanted this property for its gardens.

The peonies were just blooming when I first saw the yard. Sixty of them.

The lawn was a lovely level green.

No fences in sight.

No muddy ruts to freeze up and trip over.

No hoses running around.

Just flowers, trees, and green, green, green, every shade of green.

Oh, it was lovely.

Did I mention the rusty blue wheelbarrow?





Perhaps I should get goats.

The manure management issue would be gone, eliminating the muddy ruts.

The water use would be so much smaller I could get rid of the hose and just haul water to the barn.

I wouldn’t need a horse trailer for anything would I?

Of course, I’d have less milk – and what about the cream for my coffee?

Of course, I love my cow, my Annabelle.

And her smell.  Just thinking about the smell of her makes me smile.

(I first typed in smilke- give me the chance to type in mi and it automatically becomes milk – I do have issues.)

How can I make my yard lovely again and still have my cow?

Seems a bit like having the cake and eating it too.

I’ve always wondered what the heck that saying meant – really, if you have cake of course you will eat it, right?  So either I am totally messing up a nice old saying or in fact some old New England farmer had the same exact issue as I am – having a backyard(beauty) and having a barnyard(food)  are just not the same thing.

So, of course, I had to go and google this cake saying and perhaps the more correct version is to say ‘you can’t eat the cake and have it too’.

The Chinese saying supposedly is ‘to want a horse that both runs fast and consumes no feed.’

So there goes my literal interpretation about food versus a thing of beauty, but… what?  but you know I feel better now that we’ve had this little conversation.  Because really – what looks nice in New England right now?  Only the spots that have nice fresh snow.  And that I can’t do too much about.

When things green up a bit I’ll think about goats.

A brown and black winter.

2 thoughts on “I hate my backyard!

  1. Hmmm, we kind of have that same problem around here during rainy season. Nothing but mud to slough through in boots. It helps, though, that we can keep our cow out in the field.

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