Staying Humble

Tonight was a perfect chore-night.

The animals were incredibly content, perhaps with the freshly falling snow?

Everything looked clean and lovely.

My New England eyes were so happy to see white in winter.

Fed and watered everyone.

Spread out lots of shavings just to make the barn extra cozy.

Milked Annabelle, she was golden.

Black-eyed peas and ham were ready for dinner.

My daughter was making corn bread, timing it to be fresh out of the oven when I came up from the barn.

Feeling pretty smug.

Just glowing with the smooth efficiency of it all.

Then the last task.

Fresh hay for Annabelle.

A gorgeous green bale.

I cut the baling twine.

Grabbed five flakes –

and a huge, gloppy, wet, stinky, chicken poop!

Covered my entire palm, my ring, and oozed between my fingers!!!!!

Darn chickens!


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