Princess Update

This little bird is worth her weight in gold.  She has gone broody again.

She is sitting on three turkey eggs.  Today Copper laid her egg in Princess’ nest.  This nest is in a terrible spot.  Buried behind hay and an unused kennel.  Requires laying on belly and reaching about four feet to get to it.  It would be so much better if the other hens didn’t lay eggs with her.  She can’t successfully hatch out any eggs if there are too many under her, and of course I want to collect the hens’ eggs.

Princess came and visited me during morning milking.  I had to chase off one of the Ploska Twins.  The Twin was pecking Princess and herding her away from the food.  I gave Princess a cupful of milk, some grain, and water.  She quickly ate and hurried back to her nest.

I hadn’t seen her out for a few days.

I wonder what she thinks about all those hours alone?



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