Mid-milking Annabelle turned around and kissed me!

She has been bellowing for Huckleberry since Sunday.

A little less bellowing each day.

Every milking since Huckleberry left us she has been a little restless.

This morning she wasn’t at all restless.

She kissed me the same way she would kiss Clover when Clover was nursing.

Clover left just as Huckleberry entered, so she has had a baby to love since August.

This morning I was the baby!

So sweet.

I wish she would transfer her affection to Dizzy.

Cows have a remarkable need to give and take affection.

I’ve never seen my cats groom each other.

Nor my chickens.

Nor my pigs.

Cows are constantly grooming each other.

We’ve all been going down and petting Annabelle and brushing Annabelle the last few days, but a constant companion would be a good thing.

How can I get Dizzy and Annabelle past their impasse?

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