Taps out, peas in!

I pulled the last of the taps out today and planted a row of peas.

I could have, should have, done both earlier but didn’t.

I’ve been:

raking up winter-fallen leaves and branches,

teaching That Naughty Little Mini Horse to work,

you should see her in her harness, what a doll,

soon I’ll be calling her That Naughty but Hardworking Little Mini Horse, 

(I hope),

also doing house stuff like painting and organizing,

stuff I know I won’t do as the weather progresses towards summer.

I love this time of year but usually wear myself out trying to get too much done too fast.

Then I am sick and exhausted and unable to keep things going.

Time management, resource management – yes?

Not just keywords for the business world.

I am trying to work in half-hour or forty-five minute intervals, interchanging the physically demanding tasks with the mentally demanding tasks.

Quick updates:

I think, but am not certain, that Annabelle settled, if yes, she will be due Nov 27th.

The butcher called yesterday and the beef is ready.

Annabelle is still needing a lot of extra tlc.  

She misses Huckleberry, but my barn has a nice feeling to it these days, much less stress in the air.

Princess is still sitting on two turkey eggs, I candled them and they are duds.

Darn it.

I am picking up some chicks on the 23rd to put under her so she’ll stop brooding.









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