That Princess!

So my poor, sweet Princess has been sitting on these eggs since when?  Around Valentine’s Day?

Annabelle knocked down my barn calendar a while ago and I haven’t repaired it, so my date-keeping is not so good.

But anyway, about two weeks ago there was a horrible stench in the barn.

Sure enough, Princess had broken one of the turkey eggs under her – ROTTEN!


She had cracked another one, also rotten.

I candled, with a flashlight, the other two.

And felt pretty confident no turkeys were forming.

Being the softy, and somewhat optimistic person, that I am, I left the two dud eggs under her.

On the 23rd the local feed store had chicks delivered.

I picked some up to give to Princess, who, of course, was still devotedly, sitting on her eggs.

Bantams have been known to brood until they die, I refuse to have that happen on my watch.

The kids put the chicks in a nice, clean cage in the “nursery”, with heating lamp, etc.

I had the job of getting Princess off her nest.

No small feat,

she is one stubborn little bird.

I am sure I have previously described how she chose a spot in a spool of wire behind the old dog crate, under a shelf, behind bales of hay.  Meaning I have to lay down, wiggle in, and stretch my arms to their longest length, being careful to not tangle up with wire;  yet gently try to grab this bristling, clucking, pecking lady!

I reach under her and grab an empty shell!!!

A few seconds of searching and I find the little chick.

Princess is now the proud momma of two turkey chicks and six barred rocks.

That Princess!


Farming is all about patience and faith.

Patience and faith.

And if my daughter returns my memory disk to me I’ll post pictures.

















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