Building Muscles

Whoooooo is going to milk me??????

Think good thoughts for us this week, for my thirteen year old, almost fourteen year old (How did that happen!?)  and Annabelle in particular.

April vacation seems like the perfect time for a thirteen year old to learn to milk the cow.

My DD began this morning.

I started things then she took over.

Annabelle did not give her as difficult a time as she gave my poor husband.

She stepped around a bit and backed up.

After a while my daughter said, “Mom – what happened?”

Sure enough Annabelle had done the ol’ shutting off trick.

She can stop the letdown reflex, her bag shrivels up – looking very different from the solid smooth pink appendage it started as.

It’s really quite alarming.

Most of that milk will be there tonight and Annabelle will be uncomfortable.

And someone will have sore hands for a few days, but I am sure they will harden up quicker than my 40plus hands did.

I am guessing that by the end of vacation we’ll have a new milker on the farm.

Just give me a minute to think up new tricks!

And we are going to have a new teamster.

My twelve year old daughter and Dizzy did the hauling this morning.

The muscle that gets practiced here is patience.

Dizzy knows how to push a person’s patience, backing up, circling around, tangling herself up with all those leather straps…she knows every trick, the second she feels the reins slack off she slowly veers off the trail into the multiflora rose jungle…. she has the naughtiest streak ever!

But they did great, they did two trips without me, I just watched from the barn.

All good fun!

2 thoughts on “Building Muscles

  1. When I was a kid me and my brother had chores like feeding rabbits and chickens. We also were involved in the butchering of the animals we raised. Sometimes I didn’t care for the chores but it gave me a greater respect for the process. I’m sure your girls will think the same thing. Good luck and keep on farming.

    1. It’s a real treat to have three milkers in the house. For the past four and half years it’s just been me. My daughter is very proud of her new skill. There is a nice confidence that goes with learning the ‘chores’. When she was twelve my husband and I left her in charge of the animal chores and a sitter in charge of the kids. The cow was dry but still she did a lot and loved both the challenge and the bragging rights!

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