Old Tricks

Jersey Cows are curious. Any thing new on me, scarves, hats, etc..drives Annabelle crazy. I rarely wear jewelry in the barn, so she really had fun with this bracelet.

My Dad called me the other day wondering if I’ve been giving my horse chew.


As in chewing tobacco.


No bad habits for my horse.

He’d never known a teamster who didn’t give their horse chew.

Horses love chew.

His workhorse, King, would keep the chew in his mouth for hours.

Savoring it, working it – just loved it.

Chew keeps the worms at bay.

Now he had my interest.

I am no horsewoman.

But I know several.

Get a few together and the de-worming debate invariably comes up.

All sorts of meds are on the market.

Side affects and money.

Horse are prone to worms so do you wait for some evidence of illness then treat?

Is the answer RedMan, horses favorite brand of chew?

Spring time!!
I found the turkeys performing this ritual on top of another turkey who is sitting on eggs. This explains why so many of the eggs have been broken...grrrr.. I've now separated them so it doesn't happen again.

I am re-reading “The Little House on the Praire” Series.

These books are filled with all sorts of old tricks.

Pa brings home chicks, a gift from a friend.

Right away Ma mixes up a pan of bran and peppers it for the chicks.


I give my chickens Diatomaceous Earth to keep mites and lice at bay.

Could pepper be used?

Would they eat it?

Our chickens surely aren’t the chickens Ma and Pa had.

Those chickens didn’t lay for a year.

Those roosters weren’t big enough to eat for a year.

My chickens and roosters average about four months to maturity.

Maybe their tastebuds have been tampered with as well.

Who knows?

I don’t but I’m going to find out.

One thought on “Old Tricks

  1. I’ve heard of the chew trick but not the pepper. Wish my grandparents were still around because I know they would have lots of knowledge to pass on. Unfortunately when I was younger and they were still around I didn’t realize I should have been taking notes.

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