Division of Labor

The turkey hens are a marvel,

Turks and Trixie.

Pre-baby they were both sitting on eggs.

When I first discovered the poult,

I realized also discovered that one hen had the eggs,

and the other had the poult.

The hen with the poult was fierce.

In order to supply food and water to the chick

I had to rearrange the nesting area.

I also deemed it necessary  to butcher the Tom.

When resettling the nests I divided the eggs between the hens. 

When I checked under the nests later,

I found eggs in one and the poult in the other.

Curiosity prompted me to move one egg over a nest.

A few hours later the egg was moved back.

The poult wanders around over the backs of both hens,

is caressed by both hens,

yet nestles under the egg-less hen. 

I am confident the babes will be safe.

Dove is enjoying “her” babies, 

but I somewhat wish I had left them with their true mothers.

Once again I find my assumptions to be incorrect,

and find myself in awe of nature.


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