One of Three

One of three ripening peaches in a two year old tree. Documented in case someone eats it before I do. Losing young, green currants and blueberries to the birds makes me wary. Keeping milk, meat, and eggs on the table is much easier than growing fruits and vegetables. I have come to view them as luxury items. Weeds, birds, rabbits, bugs, deer, water-restrictions.  Daily challenges, creating deep appreciation, appreciation for the easy health and well-being in a glass of milk or a soft-boiled egg, appreciation for the hard work in a homegrown blackberry or dish of broccoli.

2 thoughts on “One of Three

  1. Ugh. Gardens can indeed be a work of sweat and tears. We are battling too much rain right now. Hope you do get to see some more peaches and get them before everything else does!

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