Easter Bunny! Cute Bunny! Yummy Bunny?

Carmel and his Apple Tree Log.

Carmel and his Apple
Tree Log.

Yummy bunny???

Don’t even talk about it!

Mommy please don’t tell anyone we eat rabbit!

And for Pete’s sake don’t ever butcher another rooster when we have friends over!

So, so embarrassing!

When did food production become so taboo?

Embarrassing even.

Gross, of course.

People used to take pride in what they could do

for themselves.


was an admirable motto.

Now there is more pride

in running to the store

or even better

a restaurant

to eat.

To let

someone else

somewhere else

somehow else

do the work.

No blood.

No guts.

And for god’s sake

no rabbits.

They are so cute.

And cuddly.

They are Easter.

Chocolate bunnies

are perfect.

Foil wrapped.


Not gross.

Not embarrassing.










My kids don’t like meat

at the restaurant or store

because its taste

and texture is so bad.


they know

their friends are

freaked out!

grossed out!

by bunnies and butchering.

What’s a mother to do?

Tonight we are not eating

lapin or poulet.

Tonight we will

have goat.

From a farm across town.

I sharpened the knife.

Trimmed the fat.

Picked off a few hairs.

Sauteed bits in coconut oil.

Now it is simmering

with veggies.

For a simple farm dinner

to share with friends.

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny! Cute Bunny! Yummy Bunny?

  1. I can’t believe this. My brother-in-law raised rabbits right in my next door yard. He was the president of the rabbit breeders association for years. Shows at Topsfield Fair etc etc. Sold the meat also.

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