In the backfield…

We made it into the back field, me and my little pigs.  They were so great yesterday I tried to take them without leashing Per but he is a wandering soul.  I ended up putting him on the leash and Abba followed right along.  We made our way into the back field.  I made wreaths, they rooted up a good bit of ground.  Again Dory hovered, back and forth from me to the pigs.  She was very tempted to nip Per in the heels and get him moving along but restrained herself when I spoke to her.  She is not so sure that pigs ought to be tagging into our time.  

I took the clippers along and cut back the multiflora rose that edged into the path.  I pushed a couple of small dead trees out of the way.  And I finally went and bought a solar charged charger for electric fence.  I am very close to ready for bringing my Bonniebelle into the back field.   

Regarding my wasp sting. I felt tired out yesterday but clearly did not go into any kind of shock.  I woke up at four a.m. with my hand and arm throbbing.  My hand was fairly swollen and red but it feels fine now.  I didn’t see any black wasps on today’s adventure.  Fortunately.  This time though I packed vitamin C and a couple of dpi-pens – just in case.  

Today I encountered tons of poison ivy – another problem for me.  I have found that a strong ginger tea will take the heat of poison ivy and that scrubbing in dish detergent immediately after exposure reduces the reaction.  Am hoping for the best re these allergies and the ticks in the back field.  





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