Cow Flapped Fibula

Friday evening about five o clock.

Gorgeous, cool, crisp, early-ing dusk,

Moving fast to make it on time,

daughter’s first middle school play,

rolled two steps into one,

usually put hay in the field,

then put cow and horse out,


let cow loose, horse loose,

carrying hay, good green hay,

the always hungry critters began to pull out tufts

from my arms, I put my long legs into motion,

running ahead of them, moving fast,

didn’t see what I slipped on, but I slipped and fell,


heard a pop, felt a pop,

to make a long story short,

I broke my fibula on a cow flap,

I crawled out of the way of hooves,

my eight year old son ran to get help,

nice clean break,

breaking a whole lot of things

can’t drive,

can’t run,






put weight it on

for weeks


4 thoughts on “Cow Flapped Fibula

  1. OMG you poor dear. If you need a driver, I’m your gal. If you need errands done, call on me. I am here to help. Mim

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