Milking with Broken Leg

Milking with Broken Leg

That Bonnie was a good girl for Kathleen, my backup, and Sarah, my daughter, yesterday morning. But. Last night she let the ole hooves fly, knocking over and bruising Kathleen, kicked Sarah a few times too, they got some milk out but not too much. This morning they tried again, and again Bonnie was not playing fair. Fortunately I had slept through the night and am feeling much better so I went down to the barn. I sat on one bale and used another for leg support. Bonnie was clearly sore and lifted her feet a few times, not too bad though. Fortunately she is a little cow so can’t do too much damage. I have to say my courage is back – if I can milk my cow I can handle whatever else is complicated by this bad leg.

2 thoughts on “Milking with Broken Leg

  1. The doctor was funny, Sarah took my boot off in the field before it was too swollen (I didn’t want my good muck boots cut up!) so my foot was pretty dirty. When the doctor saw the ‘dirt’ – he said “this foot is filthy and it is not in my job description to clean THAT up!”

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