Bonnie Behaving

Life with Bonnie is settling down.  I’ve made two modifications.  One I am trying to spend more time with her.  I normally am out and about in the barn, field, and backyard for several hours a day.  That has not been the case for a few weeks.  Cows are herd animals and I am a part of that herd, but haven’t been acting my part properly.  This matters.  As my ankle is healing I am increasing the weight bearing and much better able to move – went all the way down to the barn and back this morning – sans crutches.    The second modification is that I am finger milking – just using less of my hand, grabbing fewer hairs, hurts my fingers, doesn’t hurt her as much.  

I’ve also attempted to use a sound-free shaving device, taking this very slow and easy.  

Poor Bonnie, she lost her calf one week before ‘losing me’, plus growing that hair….  Been a difficult month for all of us here at Penny Tree Farm.


Here is a great picture Sarah took of Bonnie and Dizzy the other day.  Notice Dizzy’s grouchy look – she does not like Bonnie sneaking up behind her – I’d be willing to be this picture was snapped two seconds before those back feet kicked up into Bonnie’s face.  




One thought on “Bonnie Behaving

  1. Hi Kelly. Is that the way they milk goats? With just the fingers. So glad glad things are improving down on the farm. Wishes for a Happy thanksgiving!

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