Where are the peepers?

And the peach buds?  And the bluebells?  Look at my posts from last spring!  We are so far behind.

And by the way – hi!  I am coming out of hibernation.  MIght be a bit before I have pics.  Lost the battery to my camera.  Hate the transfer of pics to computer so haven’t exactly rushed out to buy a new battery.  

Where have I been?  Not truly hibernating but turned inward.   I have been doing a lot of creative writing.  Might post it one of the days but the work doesn’t necessarily fit the homesteading theme so haven’t figured that out.  Then the last few weeks I was walloped with the spring cleaning bug.  Haven’t quite recovered.  Painted and, or, cleaned every surface of my kitchen – no small feat as I use the kitchen hard.  It is lovely now.  Refinished floor, chairs, ceiling, walls, cabinets, with some help of course but my shoulders are still sore. 

And how are my animals after this extraordinary winter?  Fine!  Bonniebelle slept out in the field all winter, icicles on her whiskers, a gleam in her eye, she is a wild child at heart.  Dizzy is her constant companion and equally happy with the tough winter.  Many mornings Dizzy had a blanket of snow on her broad back, unmelted.  The little piggies cuddled and cozied all winter keeping each other warm.  Time to separate them now.  Per is in the freezer, wonderful chops, perfect sausage, but the ham… a little disappointing in its smoke finish.  Different butcher, different flavour.  

I hope all is well with – that all wintered well.



One thought on “Where are the peepers?

  1. Glad you are blogging again. Missed it. Mom said you were busy with writing (not that blogging isn’t writing 🙂 ). Wish you the best. Love Carrie

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