Unhappy Cow

BonnieBoots is back!  


Mud season is in full swing – so the pasture is shut down.  If Bonnie steps out there she will ruin the field.  And the grass and clover.  In June she won’t remember her confinement but right now…..oh is she getting upset!   I spend a while each morning brushing her  – this morning she twirled mid-brushing and kicked a back foot at me!  Very naughty!  I knew she was fidgety so was prepared to move.  If she hits me I’ll be some mad!  (Cows aren’t really the best kickers, they don’t kick straight back, just to the side, she does have an impressive side kick though!)

I’d love to let her out – but just can’t.  Am trying to think of something to entertain her.  She has a lot of barn and an eight foot by twenty foot run outside – but this is a cow who didn’t sleep in the barn all winter – this a cow who only comes into the barn for milking and grain.  This is one unhappy cow.  

Any suggestions?  


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