Answering Aunt Fay

In answer to Aunt Fay’s question, “Tell me about Fern.”  

It has a taken a while for Fern to settle in here.  Coming from sixty or so acres nestled into the Maine mountains is a hard adjustment. Believe me, I know.  She is a gem, never lifting a foot while I milk.  And that is taking some time as she was machine milked and I prefer hand milking.  I have her machine and have used it some but dislike the cleaning process, would much rather spend that time in the barn.  

She and Bonnie are becoming friends, in both the adjective use of becoming and the verb use of becoming.  Their sharp contrast is amazing, one tall and thin and white, the other stout and short and black.  I swear I heard Bonnie say, ‘just look at that skinny white girl!’ when she met Fern.  Fern is too pc to say have said anything about Bonnie or I don’t know her well enough to understand her vocabulary yet. 

They are now grooming each other and laying close to each other to chew their cuds.  Bonnie charges in first for the food but steps nicely to the side to let Fern in.   In the cow world that is intimacy. 



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