Farm Fashion III: Boots, continued


The best spring, summer, and fall farm boots!

Fishing boots.  Or so I presume as I went up the infamous fishing village north of me, Gloucester, and bought these boots for $32 at Nelson’s.  Nelson’s is great store for outfitting fishermen, and the other outdoorsies like me.    These fishing boots are worth every penny I paid and then some.  And I don’t know who to give the credit too.  There is no label to be found.


Look at those treads.  No slipping with these babies! The problem with a good tread is amount of debris they pick up and carry around.

My biggest morale challenge on a daily basis:  do I  take my boots off before I go into the house or not?  especially since I’ll be running right back out of the house?  I have this debate with myself on a daily basis.  Multiple times.   These boots are a no-go when it comes to going in.  Fortunately they are easy to take off.  But… they are not so easy to take off that I get suctioned into a muck hole and can’t pull away without losing the boot.

The sole is thick enough that I don’t worry about nails or metal fence posts impaling me.

The calf width is narrow enough that I don’t spill water down into my own boot.

And they don’t look too bad either.  When wearing a skirt, I can make a quick run to the barn in these, slip them off, jump into sandals and go to my son’s soccer game without missing a beat.

2 thoughts on “Farm Fashion III: Boots, continued

  1. Agree on the Boots III They look super and very useful. I still have mine that I bought in the famous Hill’s store here in Ipswich, many years ago. Mim

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