Auker is gone.

On August 25th Auker went to the butcher.  I scheduled Bonniebelle for pregnancy testing with the expectation that I’d have a positive confirmation by the 23rd of August.

I scheduled Auker’s appointment for the 25th.

The pregnancy test was negative.

So why is he gone?

The first week of August he broke through a weak spot in the fence and visited my neighbor.  The weak spot being a spot that none of my cows of the past five years found.  A huge bush had grown itself into the the 48 inch heavy duty mesh fence.  This bush had lots of branches radiating from its center.  Thick sturdy branches.  Auker went through the an ‘off’ electric mesh fence, the branches, and the wire.

He then walked over a three foot mesh fence used to kennel my neighbor’s small breed dog.  And Auker was stuck.  How he managed to get out of my rather sturdy fence and over the dog’s fence and not get out of that is a mystery.

He was easier than my lab to bring home.  Fortunately.

But then he broke a gate in the barn, and began to just randomly push on fences and gates.  Grrr..  Some weird hormonal thing I guess.

Back to August 23 rd.  Negative pregnancy test for Bonniebelle.  Shoot!

Unbeknownst to Auker I cancelled the appointment with the butcher.

Then August 24th, Saturday night I went into the field to find that Auker had broken through a four foot electrified mesh fence, used for grass rotation.  He had to have taken multiple shocks before he killed the fence.

I couldn’t sleep that night.  My cow is not bred.  My bull is becoming a danger to the neighborhood.  A loose bull, even of the good-natured mini version… not good.  So not good.

The next morning Eric came into the barn while I was milking and quietly said, “He has to go.”

“Yes,  a lot easier to get this cow bred than to undo an accident or fix a broken child.”

I put him into the trailer and Eric drove him to the butcher.  No more sleepless nights.

Random side note – the large bush he went through smelled like dill pickles!  I had to cut off branches and branches and branches to fix that stretch of fencing – just thinking about it makes me salivate!

Bonniebelle and Stormy in front of the fences and bush Auker went through to get out.

Bonniebelle and Stormy in front of the fences and bush Auker went through to get out.