Did you see the stars tonight?

Facts:  40’s in the day and 22 deg. now.  Milked out milk for me and milk for Huckleberry.  Huckleberry raised his chin just to the perfect notch for me to clip him up this morning.  Maybe I’ll have to find other things to complain online about and see if there is improvement.  Perhaps God is online and bumped into my blog?

Baked bread bright and early this morning but it was still too hot to slice for school sandwiches.  Found that proofing bread in fridge overnight and baking first thing in the morning the best system.  No rising and punching down, no over-proofed bread.

Hay and grain delivered.

Thoughts:  What a perfect night!  The stars were just incredible.

The air – just cold enough to make your nostril hairs stand up and take notice but not cold enough to freeze them.  Perfect – just perfect.

I stood at the barn door –  breathing in hay, cow, cold air, and stars – feeling immensely, immensely content.

I don’t know how I got to be this lucky –  but oh I can’t imagine not doing what I do everyday.