Re-Thinking Fast Food

Sausage, Broccoli, and Beans

Today ended being busy in ways I hadn’t planned.

After regular morning chores this morning I left the house and didn’t really come back until dinner time.  Really meaning that I did pop in and out to pick off some children, drop off other children, feed quick snacks to come children, and run out again.

I had lunch on the road with my daughter today.  She ordered  – we split an order of chicken fingers, an order of mozzarella  sticks, and an order of onion rings.

I am not a purist about my diet, but I like to feel well.

I don’t feel so well right now.

The grease I ingested from the cracklings a week ago was nothing compared to the grease in my gut today.


I walked in my door at 6:05 tonight needing to feeding three hungry kids.

Because I left so abruptly this morning the crockpot meal I had planned didn’t get potted.

The beans I had meant to bake didn’t get baked.

Ditto the bread rising grains soaking on the counter.

My brain was in a fluorescent light/fast food induced fog.

I stood in my kitchen wondering what the heck we were going to do for dinner.

My husband was away for the evening, no help from that direction.

Pancakes would produce a chorus of groans.

Last night I had made an egg heavy dinner.

Did I mention the fog my brain was in?

I decided to cook pasta and throw in a bunch of fresh veggies.

This was going to elicit at least two groans from my two meat-eaters.  Dinners the last two nights had been sans meat.

Meat and veggies, meat and veggies, meat and veggies.

Hmmm..the fog was beginning to lift.

Monday’s routine of un-thawing a couple different types of meat saved me.

I had pea beans that had been soaking for 24 hours, I had sausage, and I had fresh veggies.

I’m a really lazy cook, but I like to feel well so I’ve come up with a couple of must-do’s to allow me to be lazy, busy, and eat well.

1)Mondays I unthaw meat.

2)Pick one four hour chunk to bake:  bread, potatoes (white and sweet), rice, custard.

3)Stay stocked with fresh veggies to supplement my limited preserved veggies.

Tonight I didn’t have rice or potatoes ready to fix a really fast-food meal but I did have well soaked beans.

They took twenty minutes to cook.

Which was just enough time to fry small sausage patties,  add onions, garlic, broccoli, and kale to the sausage and all of it’s lovely, tasty fat.  Then I threw in pine nuts and pea beans -voila!

No measuring, no recipe, not many dishes (frying pan, cutting board, knife, pot for beans (same one they had soaked in, wooden spatula.)

FastFood – Penny Tree Farm Style!