Mid-Winter Spring

Winter Scarecrow


This weather is phenomenal.  Yesterday 50 deg. F, today 40 deg. F.

Yesterday, after regular barn chores I spent an hour cleaning up the grounds.

Found eight balls of assorted sizes.  Found four socks, assorted sizes.

Found one glove.

Scrubbed six barn pails of assorted sizes.

Observed, with concern,  garlic scapes of assorted heights popping out of ground.

Put hat back on scarecrow.

Pulled six strands of baling twine out of the semi-frozen ground.

Wrapped up three watering hoses.

Swept the patio clean of chicken poops.  Ditto the carport.

Also added manure to sandy part of Kitchen Garden.

Also brushed Annabelle for a long time – she is shedding!

Made yogurt.  So sweet no sweetener required.

Today’s adventure will be to make lard.  Picked up pork from butcher last Friday.