No Peace For Dove

This morning's coffee and cream - love that swirl!

Dove was Lancelot’s favorite hen.

Since Lancelot’s demise the other hens have been merciless.

I’ve never seen a hen so harassed.

I didn’t anticipate this problem.

On Monday evening Dove’s beautiful white feathers were blood-splattered, her comb in tatters, her spirits very low.

A hen that ‘roosts’ on the floor for the night is a hen in trouble.

I gave her some TLC, some clabber, water, and grain.

At each milking since her beating I’ve filled a cup for her and made sure the other hens stayed away.

Last night she roosted about four feet up.  A visible sign of her recovery.

This morning she was scratching around outside of the barn.

The other hens were either ignoring her or accepting her.

She immediately scampered over to me when I began milking and happily drank a cup of milk.

Princess’ chicks have been hovering and roosting near her so I am hoping the three of them will form their own little clique and integrate into the flock that way.

We’ll see.

Princess chases the chicks away from her if they even think of coming near her.

This whole birds of a feather flock together can’t be true.

The Ploska Twins

These chicks are black, like their real mothers, Peck, and a Ploska Twin (we think); but these handsome black-feathered mothers chase them off as well.

OTHERWISE:  All well in the barn.  I bought and planted hollyhock seeds.  Also threw some spinach seeds – I don’t know if they will grow and thrive but I think I should have done this weeks ago considering the mild winter we’ve had.  The garlic scapes continue to grow.