Huckleberry’s Hotspots

Huckleberry Laying Down




Around noon I went down to say hello to the cows and Dizzy, That Naughty Mini-Horse. I put down some hay for them and gave them all a little TLC.  Huckleberry loves to be loved, so I scratched him from his ears down the full length of his back.

His black spots were really hot!  His shoulders are the blackest black and had absorbed the sun’s heat.  I can’t imagine how this feels to him!  Imagine having these randomly placed hotspots all over you.  He is mostly white so most of him felt ten or so degrees cooler than his black spots.

I called my daughter over to feel him.  She’s is thirteen, so of course said, “Oh, that is the coolest thing!”

I love farming – facts that I’ve known for how many years take on a whole different perspective.  I know black attracts and holds heat,  I know Holsteins are spotted back and white – but mixing those two facts up on a cold winter’s day and touching them….suddenly they aren’t facts they are poetry.