Lard Making

18.79 lbs. Pork Fat

Lard making was definitely an adventure, one that I wish I had done outside in November not inside in January.

I ended up moving two crock pots outside to cook.

The smell…I didn’t like it too much.

But I loved the cracklings.

 I was so well oiled from the inside I was sure my split thumb and dry skin would be entirely healed this morning!

Hot Lard

I also made a tray of salt pork.

Had to go to an old book bookstore to find a cookbook.

Well, maybe I could have found the info online but

any excuse to expand my cookbook collection I’ll take.

Found a fabulous condition 1911 cookbook from Maine.

Valuable for its many recipes calling for lard.

Bought another book about hay making.

Cooled Lard, One Gallon Total

And another that had very simple guide to making salt pork.

Huckleberry very naughty tonight.

Let well-feathered chicks out for entire day today.

Milked out more milk today than I have since Annabelle came into milk in August.