Baby watch over!


Maxell is his name.  He was born on Thursday morning at about 6:45.  The first twenty four hours were as they ought to be.  Beautiful.

Then Fern went down with milk fever.  From Friday morning until Saturday night we fought with medicine and love to get her back on her feet.  At 10 o’clock Saturday she stood.  That is the briefest summary possible of an exhausting and difficult situation.  I am too tired to detail it!  If interested I’ve been working the Keeping a Family Cow community and the details are posted there.

But this morning I had rich yellow cream in my coffee and I got to pat that handsome little devil on his soft white head and say good morning!

PS:  His front hooves are black and his back ones are white!  How cute is that?


Annabelle, my family milk cow

This is Annabelle.  She was the first calf to be born at Penny Tree Farm.  She is now two and a half years old.  She had her first calf in August.  It took her a little while to learn to be a milk cow but she is a wonderful milk cow now.

This picture was taken last year when we had all that lovely snow.  This year’s browns and grays do not highlight her markings so well.