Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms and Bluebells

Every year or so I add to the fruitĀ treeĀ population on Penny Tree Farm.

Three years ago I planted the first peach tree.

Last year the birds ate the two peaches that grew.

This year the little tree is covered in blossoms.

I have already purchased netting to protect the peaches.

When we bought this property the bluebells were hidden

under a canopy of forsythia, multi-flora rose, and grapevine.

It’s taken four years to hack the jungle back.

Finally finding peonies and bluebells.

And earth for peaches and plums.

Two windows from my kitchen view this small garden.

I can’t convey coffee with cream, peach blossoms, and bluebells with words or photos.

But ah..what a nice moment each spring morning.