Full Confession

I am either brilliant or an idiot.  You decide.  Recall my wonderful statement – “Google has shortened the life of curiosity” – I love that.  I believe that.

I made this statement because I’ve been waiting to determine the gender of my ducks.  My Swedish ducks.

So the other day I see my Swedish ducks go into the nesting box with the hens.  Hmm…which is laying and which is protecting?  Fluffy head or no-fluff head.  AKA Harry and Slim.  I watch for a long time considering my spring to do list.  No idea who is which.

I study the eggs.  They all look like hen eggs to me but I’ve never had ducks before so what do I know.

Two days later I decide enough of curiosity -let’s google it!

I type in Swedish Duck eggs.

I see Swedish Ducks.

They don’t look a bit like my ducks.

What the heck! (okay maybe that isn’t what I said!)

I abandon all curiosity and google fluffy headed ducks.

A fluffy headed duck is like a curly headed person.

Not defined by gender.

Their bottom half has nothing to do with the decoration on their brains!

Seems there is a fissure in the bone that allows feathers to pop out.

Not making a statement about curly-heads here – just about duck heads.

And Swedish Ducks have a white bib.

My ducks are Khaki Campbells.

I ordered Swedish Ducks.  I assumed I owned Swedish Ducks.

I own two male Swedish Ducks.

I’ve enjoyed my time of curiosity immensely – I imagine some one  that follows me has too.

One Drop at a Time

Can you imagine making anything more perfect than syrup?

How many of these droplets

on one pile of pancakes?

If I could give a lecture

on productivity

I’d talk


and syrup.

How that ‘a’

that word that means


how that ‘one’

in the middle of s and p



S and yru P.

And really?

why are you?

working hard?


Why are you

Collecting drop upon drop

upon drop and drop?

Cooking and boiling

and boiling



to get

perfect color,

taste of perfection.

Little drops

of effort







S for slow?

P for produce?

Slowly one produces?

Slow one – y-r-u productive?

S for so?

P for perfect?

So, one perfect drop?

So, y-r-u perfect?

Hmmm? No more guessing about word origins.

Sap is from Old German ‘saft’ juice.

Syrup is Old French and Old Italian – both going back to Arabic ‘sharab’ for wine.