This is Lemon, Sarah’s rabbit, and photo by Sarah. He is our free-range rabbit. (Say that tens time fast. Free range rabbit! Free Range Rabbit! We have found that our French Lop males can’t stand to be caged. They hate it! I am looking for a home for a lovely brown male. At the moment they are both free but Lemon is THE MAN! So Pumpkin lives on the outskirts of the farm. He is cuddly and cute. A bit under foot but a gem of a rabbit.

Big Big Bunny

French Lops

ImageWe have French Lops.  Mocha, the mother.  And her five babies.  Big babies.  Born in May.  Very big babies.  We have a lot of cages and pens but never enough this time of year.  For a while the bunnies can share cages, but they are getting big enough to make more bunnies so we separate them.  Two live in the horse trailer, I am fairly confident they are both females and I’ve seen no sign of any untoward behavior.  Lemon, a gorgeous white guy lives alone.  As do two brown and one black bunny.  This morning I was cleaning the-brown-bunny-in-the-barn’s pen.  I can not remember his name.  I fed and watered him and walked away.

About an hour later I realized he was gone.  Ooops.  Open door, no bunny in sight.  I walked over to the outdoor pens and looked around.  Dory was helping me.  “Oh, Dory!  Where is that rabbit?”  Almost immediately I felt a nudge on my heel.  “Did you find him Dory?”

I looked down and it was the-brown-bunny-in-the barn!  He understood me!

Dory and the cows and Dizzy understand a lot of what I say but a rabbit!  They can communicate their needs pretty well. I am used to that.  The black-bunny-in-the-barn will run crazy noisy circles in his cage for a pet on the head.  CookieDough would always put his head over his food bowl so you had to pet him before you fed him.  The brown bunnies in the horse trailer will hide behind the partition until you talk to them.  They will jump up on you for love.  I have never had one answer my question so directly though.

I let him free-range with the chickens for the day.  This afternoon Emma was cuddling him for a quite while.  Until I said, “Emma, why don’t you put him back in his cage for me.”  He went under her legs and ran off.

He is back in his cage now, made Sarah crawl under the manure trailer, but she did catch him at last and return him to safety.

I used to say, “Coincidence.”  But I have had too many coincidences with my animals to believe it any more.

I am daily losing my human-centric perspective of the world.  Some would say I am nutty.  And Emma did catch me talking to the peas the other day when I was making split pea soup, but really I don’t think I am losing it, I feel like I am gaining something.  Something I haven’t quite figured out yet.  Perhaps a chicken or pig will clue me in soon!

Easter Bunny! Cute Bunny! Yummy Bunny?

Carmel and his Apple Tree Log.

Carmel and his Apple
Tree Log.

Yummy bunny???

Don’t even talk about it!

Mommy please don’t tell anyone we eat rabbit!

And for Pete’s sake don’t ever butcher another rooster when we have friends over!

So, so embarrassing!

When did food production become so taboo?

Embarrassing even.

Gross, of course.

People used to take pride in what they could do

for themselves.


was an admirable motto.

Now there is more pride

in running to the store

or even better

a restaurant

to eat.

To let

someone else

somewhere else

somehow else

do the work.

No blood.

No guts.

And for god’s sake

no rabbits.

They are so cute.

And cuddly.

They are Easter.

Chocolate bunnies

are perfect.

Foil wrapped.


Not gross.

Not embarrassing.










My kids don’t like meat

at the restaurant or store

because its taste

and texture is so bad.


they know

their friends are

freaked out!

grossed out!

by bunnies and butchering.

What’s a mother to do?

Tonight we are not eating

lapin or poulet.

Tonight we will

have goat.

From a farm across town.

I sharpened the knife.

Trimmed the fat.

Picked off a few hairs.

Sauteed bits in coconut oil.

Now it is simmering

with veggies.

For a simple farm dinner

to share with friends.