Mulch War

Carport to Barn View. Taken summer of 2010.

The chickens and I are at war!

I put down salt marsh hay or bark mulch in a few spots – just a FEW.

Do you think my chickens could respect that?

There has to be worms and bugs in other spots.

They canvas my property and my neighbor’s property everyday.

Can they leave my good stuff alone?

Oh no.

My nice perennial garden,

with its lovely circular brick walk,

becomes a mass o’ mulch.

Can’t even see the brick.

Full sun so has to be mulched.

The easy answer is to pen up the chickens.

But I like them roaming around.

I love them roaming around.

If they could just not leave bombs in the carport.

And not make my gardens into war zones….

Today I took the mulch off.

Drought-tolerant species dominant the garden anyway.

This constant juggle or should I say struggle to balance.

I want free chickens and nice gardens.

I want free chickens and clean doorsteps.

The chickens,

Princess and her eight chicks,

Lacy, Peck, Carrie, Moon,

Sweetie Hen, the Ploska Twins,

Zinc, Nickel, Copper,

Dove, and Hettie,

are picturesque,

their meat and eggs healthy,


they eat ticks.

An important job in this area.

I guess adding drought-tolerants and a

screen to the carport entry points get added to my to-do list.

The fine art of compromise.