Camera Problem Fixed!

Here is Dove with three out of seven of her turkey poults. Some of these hatched out under her. Some I moved for safe-keeping from the turkeys. She has one egg left to hatch out.

This photo was taken on a cold night a couple of weeks ago. This was the last time Princess mothered ‘her’ turkey poults. She had eight babies (two turkeys, six chickens) four survived the predatory hit last week and are doing fine.

These turkeys lovvveeeee their baby! I heard that turkeys often trample their young, so have been moving the new hatchlings to Dove’s care. But for one – these turkeys HATE me! The hissing and pecking – Whew! For two, I have never seen a bird be as affection to its young as this turkey has been. I didn’t snap the picture in time but she was caressing this babe as gently as you can imagine. Today is day three of these turkeys being together.